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CXM-303 - Deploying Enterprise Mobility Solutions with XenMobile 10


Duration: 5 Days




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Course Information

Course Description

This course provides the skills necessary to install, configure, and integrate components in a Citrix XenMobile 10 Enterprise solution. Students with limited or no XenMobile experience will gain an understanding of the components of a XenMobile Enterprise solution and their functions. Students will deploy and configure the XenMobile Enterprise components, apply principles to enroll mobile devices, install mobile apps, and use policies to manage device and application usage in a lab environment. In addition, topics such as how to integrate additional Citrix products and applications as part of the solution and how to troubleshoot some of the most common implementation issues will be discussed.

Students are expected to leverage their own mobile device (personal or corporate-owned, not already enrolled in another Mobile Device Management solution) to use during hands-on lab exercises.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, learners are able to: 

  • Designate the recommended XenMobile Enterprise end-to-end architecture and identify each component in the solution for the specific use case
  • Describe the new Architectural changes in XenMobile 10
  • Articulate the available XenMobile Editions and benefits
  • Understand XenMobile authentication options including PKI “certificate based authentication"
  • Understand the new improved multi-platform deployment features including new policies added in XenMobile 10
  • Install applications: MDX, Web & SaaS, Web Link, Public App Store Enterprise Apps
  • Integrate with NetScaler Gateway, using the NetScaler Wizard for XenMobile enhancements, Load Balancing, SSL Tunneling microVPN (mVPN), SSL Bridge
  • Understand the device enrollment process
  • Articulate the benefits of ShareFile in a XenMobile Enterprise solution
  • Apply the recommended processes and best practices involved in successful XenMobile Enterprise solution implementation, taking into account server placement and communication flows
  • Get hands-on experience with: Configuring the XenMobile 10 Server (XMS); Using the XenMobile Server Getting Started wizard; Configuring policies on the XMS; Adding categories and applications to the XMS; Assigning applications to delivery group(s); Integrating NetScaler Gateway 10.5 with XenMobile 10; Enrolling devices – iOS, Android, and/or Windows; Integrating the XMS with XenDesktop; Configuring StorageZone Controller Servers and ShareFile Enterprise; Configuring NetScaler to load balance ShareFile; Configuring NetScaler Gateway to enable SAML SSO to the XMS; Configuring ShareFile Enterprise on the XMS

Course Audience

This course is designed for IT professionals, systems engineers, server administrators, and Citrix Partners who need to know how to deploy a XenMobile Enterprise solution.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to XenMobile

  • Enterprise Mobility Management Overview
  • Mobile Apps Overview
  • XenMobile Benefits Overview
  • Worx Apps Overview
  • Introduction to XenMobile Editions

Module 2: XenMobile Architecture

  • XenMobile Server Architecture
  • XenMobile Traffic Flow
  • MDX Container Technology
  • MDX Policies Overview
  • MicroVPN Usage

Module 3: XenMobile New Deployment Installation

  • XenMobile Licensing
  • XenMobile Server Prerequisites
  • Deployment Process Flow
  • XenMobile First Time Use Wizard Overview
  • XenMobile Clustering

Module 4: Initial Configuration

  • XenMobile Web Console
  • Initial Configuration (Certificates, Authentication, NetScaler Integration)
  • Delivery Groups
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Notification Server

Module 5: NetScaler Integration

  • NetScaler Overview
  • XenMobile monitoring
  • ActiveSync filtering with XenMobile NetScaler Connector
  • NetScaler – XenMobile Wizard Overview
  • NetScaler – XenMobile Policies Overview

Module 6: Device Management (Policies)

  • MDM Policies Overview
  • Mobile Platform Capability Overview
  • Key Device Policies (Passcode, Location, Credentials)
  • App Restrictions
  • Policy Deployment Rules

Module 7: Application Management (Policies)

  • MDX Container Technology
  • MDX App Interaction
  • Key App Container Policies (Interaction, Restrictions, Network, )
  • App Types (Public, SaaS, Web, Public, Enterprise)
  • App Categories

Module 8: Device Enrollment

  • Mobile Device Enrollment Overview
  • Enrollment Ports
  • iOS Device Enrollment
  • Android Device Enrollment
  • Windows Device Enrollment Overview

Module 9: Worx Apps

  • WorxMail Features and Use
  • WorxWeb Features and Use
  • WorxNotes Features and Use
  • ShareConnect Features
  • QuickEdit and WorxTasks Overview

Module 10: XenApp and XenDesktop Integration

  • XenApp and XenDesktop Overview
  • XenMobile - XenApp and XenDesktop Integration Architecture
  • XenMobile – StoreFront Integration
  • StoreFront Console Configuration
  • XenMobile XenApp and XenDesktop User Experience

Module 11: ShareFile Integration

  • ShareFile Overview
  • XenMobile – ShareFile Integration
  • ShareFile StorageZones
  • Federated Authentication with SAML
  • Using WorxNotes with ShareFile

Module 12: Client Certificate Authentication

  • Domain Certificate Authority
  • User Certificates
  • Importing Client Certificate into XenMobile Server
  • XenMobile Server PKI Configuration
  • Client Certificate NetScaler Integration

Module 13: Logs and Troubleshooting

  • XenMobile Diagnostics
  • Log Operations
  • Support Bundles
  • Support Pages
  • Worx App Troubleshooting Tools

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