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ITC111 - ASP.Net Web API Essentials Using C#


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Course Information

Course Description

This 2-day course provides a practical hands-on introduction to developing and consuming ASP.NET

Web API services using C# and Visual Studio 2013. This Web development framework from Microsoft
makes it easy to create HTTP services that can reach a broad range of clients. It is an excellent platform
for creating RESTful Web applications. The course is current to .NET Framework 4.5.1 and ASP.NET
Web API 2.0/2.1.

Course Objectives

Course Audience

Developers or architects responsible for Web applications in a Microsoft environment.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to ASP.NT Web API

Representation, State and Transfer
Collections and Elements
Specifying a Start Page
Implementing PUT Verb
Using Fiddler
Composing a Request
Route Registration

2. Web API and HTTP
HTTP Response Codes
POST Response Code
Performing CRUD Operations
Server Code: Model
Book Repository
Exercise the Server Using Fiddler
Exercise PUT
Exercise POST
Exercise GET Again

3. Media Formatters and Content
Internet Media Types
Media Type in HTTP
MediaFmtDemo Code
Exercising PUT
Exercising POST
HTTP Content Negotiation
Media Range and Quality Factors
Web API Content Negotiation
Default Content Negotiator
Media Type Mappings
Query String Mapping
Request Header Mapping
Content Negotiation Priority
Info about Media Type
Serialization in .NET
JavaScript Object Notation
JSON Data Types
Comparing JSON and XML
SML Serialization

4. JavaScript Clients
What is DHTML?
DHTML Components
Browser Objects
Assessing Dom Nodes
Using jQuery
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
CSS Syntax
Style Sheets
jQuery Library
jQuery Wrapper
jQuery Ajax Methods
Shorthand Methods
Using getJSON()
Handling Errors
Low Level Interface
Invoking POST

5. Binding, Validation and Routing
Binding Data from HTTP Requests
Reading a Raw HTTP Request
House Controller
Deserializing JSON
Client JavaScript Code
Reading HTTP Request into CLR
Binding in ASP.NET Web API
Bind HTTP Request to Simple Types
Binding via Route Data
Binding via Query String
JavaScript Client
Client Code for Using Request Body
Simple and complex Types
Client Code for POST and GET
Validation Rules
Controller Code
ASP.NET Routing
Default Route Map
Matching URLs to Route

6. .NET Clients
Web API Clients
Initializing HttpClient
Issuing a GET Request
Issuing a POST Request
Adding a House

Course Prerequisites

The student should have a good working knowledge of C# and the .NET Framework.

Basic knowledge of ASP.NET, HTML and JavaScript is also required.​
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