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B5281 - IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced: Author Self-Service Reports (V10.2)


Duration: 2 Days




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Course Information

Course Description

IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced: Author Self-Service Reports (V10.2) is a two-day course. This course will develop the skills the participants will need to use IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced to create effective reports with relational and dimensional data. Through interactive demos and workshops, this course will present topics related to creating reports with IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced for the business author.

Course Objectives

Course Audience

This intermediate course is intended for Business Authors.

Course Outline

​Overview of IBM Cognos BI
  • describe IBM Cognos BI and FPM
  • describe IBM Cognos BI components
  • describe IBM Cognos architecture at a high level
  • define IBM Cognos groups and roles
  • explain how to extend IBM Cognos BI
Examine IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced
  • identify the user interface components of IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced
  • launch IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced through different methods
  • determine browser options
Create a Report using Relational Data
  • explain Relational Data
  • explain object types
  • define report layouts
  • add data query items
  • Use calculations
Create a Report using Dimensional Data
  • explain Dimensional Data
  • explore drill down and drill up with hierarchies
  • identify sets
  • define Financial reports
Group and Sort Your Data
  • define sorting (relational and dimensional)
  • explain aggregated data
  • explore grouping data
  • explore dividing data into sections
Filter Your Data
  • understand suppression options
  • explore filtering data (relational and dimensional)
  • explore filtering aggregated data
Highlight Report Data
  • explain query item properties
  • use formatting to improve the visual effectiveness of reports
  • use conditional styles to highlight query items on a report
Integrate External Data
  • examine the use of external data in reports
  • map query subject from an enterprise report to external data
Analyze Data Using Charts and Graphs
  • review multiple data analysis processes
  • implement a report for each process
Extend IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced Reports with Report Studio
  • identify IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced reports that can benefit from Report Studio capabilities
  • create a report in Report Studio and open it in IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced
  • create a report in IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced and extend it in Report Studio
Report Development Processes to Design Effective Reports
  • discuss phases of report development for business authors
  • discuss elements of effective reports

Course Prerequisites

This offering is intended for Business Authors who have a knowledge of basic Windows and Web functionality, as well as their business requirements. Also, students should have taken the IBM Cognos BI for Consumers (V10.1) WBT or have knowledge of IBM Cognos Connection, and have experience with Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.

Course Schedule
This course is not scheduled yet.