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ST - ITIL Lifecycle Service Transition


Duration: 5 Days




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Course Information

Course Description

This five-day Live Instructor Led course provides you with an intense and focused exploration of the new and updated topics in ITIL® from the point of view of the owner of a process or set of activities. The course is intended for those who work within a Service Transition (ST) environment and require a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts, processes and activities involved and associated management responsibilities and how they may be used to enhance overall service quality and service provision.

Course Objectives

Focus on the managerial and control aspects of the operational environment with regard to Service Transition.

Educate IT Professionals in the value of IT Service Transition.

Course Audience

CIOs, CTOs, Managers, Supervisory Staff

Team Leaders, Designers, Architects, Planners,

IT Consultants, IT Audit Managers and IT Security Managers.

Candidates looking to achieve credit towards the coveted ITIL Expert designation

Course Outline


  • Purpose and goals
  • Linking Service Transition to other ITIL Lifecycle stages
  • How Service Transition creates business value
  • Service Transition principles: the concept of service and the role of utilities and warranties

Service Transition Principles

  • Examining services, their utilities and warranties
  • Establishing a formal policy and common framework for implementation of all required changes
  • Supporting knowledge transfer, decision support and reuse of processes/systems/other elements
  • Anticipating and managing course corrections
  • Ensuring involvement of Service Transition requirements throughout the lifecycle

Service Transition Processes

  • Change Management
  • Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Release and Deployment Management
  • Transition Planning & Support
  • Evaluation Process
  • Validation & Testing

Organizing Service Transition

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Applying Service Transition to multiple circumstances
  • Identifying the organizational context

Exploring Technology and Implementation

  • Considerations
  • Defining technology and tool requirements
  • Analyzing the technology requirements for the elements of Service Transition
  • Supporting Service Transition through technology
  • Integrating Service Transition into the entire lifecycle
  • Matching technology to the organizational situation

Implementing and Improving Service Transition

  • Challenges facing Service Transition
  • Identifying CSFs and risks that affect the viability of new and changed services
  • Establishing critical success factors and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Estimating benefits and risks for new or changed services

Course Prerequisites

The candidate must hold (photocopy required) one of the following:

  • v3 ITIL® Foundation Certificate, or 
  • v2-v3 Foundation Bridge Certificate
  • It is also strongly recommended that the candidate have 2-4 years of professional experience within Service Management as well as defined experience in at least one of the ST processes.

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